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As the world begins to brace itself for a rise in inflation not seen for over 50 years, choices need to be made whether you feed or heat, eat or stream. Ofcom research carried out in Summer 2022 stated that 5.2 million households pay around £300 per year for Netflix, Prime Video and Disney Plus.

It also reported the over 65’s still spend around a third of their working day enjoying broadcast TV for almost six hours daily (Ofcom 2022). Speaking with a number of elderly service users, I found that most watch the old terrestrial channels, now Freeview, but are paying out-of-contract rates for home TV packages. Sally and Roger Lee from Luton are paying £140pm because this is what they were told from a company cold call. Sally is 69 and Roger is 79.

The salespeople who call to sell services are aware they are talking with an older adult. They convince them to purchase what they are told they need.

This aggressive selling is not just focused on the elderly; many people are still paying far too much for their broadband and TV services because they are unaware.

Streaming, Broadband and TV packages are big business.

Trying to find out if you are being overcharged by your broadband provider is proving difficult. Surfing the net, you will be bombarded by companies encouraging you to switch providers with 6 and 10-month reduced deals. Most people forget when their contract ends, and before they know it they are paying triple the price.


Why pay when you can enjoy FreeTV?

Freeview, TV, a digital terrestrial service launched in 2002, is a collaboration between ITV, BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky. 

Since its launch, its services include:

  • Over 40,000 hours of TV on demand, all for free
  • Get 95% of the nation’s favourite TV
  • Over 700+ Boxsets
  • The ability to top up with affordable streaming services. 

In these challenging times, I urge people to move to Freeview TV while retaining their broadband connection. 

Superfast Broadband

Many people sign up for superfast broadband because this is what the providers are selling as the best broadband packages on the market.

Do you need superfast broadband?

  • Do you use your broadband simultaneously with at least two other people in your home?
  • Do you download films or large online files regularly?
  • Do you use online TV catch-up services from more than one device?
  • Do you upload videos and other large files to the web?
  • Do you play video games online?
  • Do you use video-calling services like Teams, Zoom, Skype, etc?

If there are only two members of a household, the recommended broadband speed is 10Mbps. 

In summary, check your home broadband subscription. Do you need superfast broadband?

If there are only two members in a household, the recommended broadband speed is 10Mbps. 

Check your elderly friends’ or neighbours’ subscriptions; they are likely to be paying a much higher monthly cost. 

Save from £30 per month with broadband-only and Freeview or Freesat.  

Buy broadband from broadband providers, not TV providers; you will often get a better deal.

Anthony Lane Peltier © 2022

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