A 13-Year-Old Child Permanently Excluded from a South London School. While a Missing Person Investigation is Still Live 


“Eight young People at risk of Permanent Exclusion in South London Schools”

The sad reality is that today’s educational institutions, those that hold the lives of our young people in their hands, are failing numerous young people across the country. Weekly, distressed parents approach me as their children face the agony of suspension or exclusion from schools. The current system is tarnishing an alarming number of young lives, with these children unfairly excluded from schools due to their learning pace (the speed and manner at which individual children grasp and process information) or behavioural challenges. This fundamentally flawed approach is a human rights issue that should concern us all.

Let us not forget the victims who fell in London in 2022 as a result of knife violence:

The decision a young person makes to pick up and carry a knife is often distressingly easy. Unfortunately, the true consequences of their actions often become clear only after it is too late. In one particular encounter, the author spoke with a young person mere minutes after they had taken another young person’s life. Uttering their first words through fear, they expressed that there was never any intention to cause such harm.

A New Learning resources for Schools

Primary School of the Year: St Antony’s RC Primary School, Newham

Black Entrepreneurship continues to Rise

A recent report has found that firms owned by women of colour have grown at more than double the rate of all women-owned businesses, and women-owned businesses in general have grown twice as fast in the last year than they have over the previous five. Often going unnoticed, the women who start and run these businesses are making waves in a number of industries as they put their skills, knowledge, and motivation into building successful businesses and brands.

Annette Joseph, a tech advocate who founded Diverse & Equal, stated that black women have had the hardest time breaking into business out of all demographics. The double obstacle of sexism and prejudice has meant many investors won’t fund new start-ups, and a lot of women have either never been given the opportunity to succeed or have lacked the confidence. Joseph adds, “Black professionals I meet are often more qualified than their white peers.” Despite this, “there is a damaging assumption that when a business ticks a diversity box, standards have been lowered – which is wrong and offensive”

We look at five entrepreneurs who have chosen to defy the odds and have proven themselves to be successful businesswomen in white male-dominated fields. Their inspirational accomplishments are guaranteed to give you the motivation you need to boost your own business and achieve your entrepreneurial goals.


Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon

Imafidon is the co-founder of Stemettes, a social enterprise whose aim is to inspire and promote young women in STEM industries. So far, Stemettes has exposed over 45,000 young women across Europe to the opportunities of STEM.

This phenomenal woman passed A-level computing at 11 and now boasts a Master’s in mathematics and computer science – which she achieved from Oxford University at 20.

In 2017 she was awarded an MBE for “services to young women within STEM careers” and in 2020 Imafidon was named Most Influential Woman in the UK’s Tech Industry by Computer Weekly magazine.

“I got to where I am today because I’ve always been interested in technology and saw a problem within the industry and wanted to solve it.” – Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon

Bianca Miller-Cole

Binaca Miller Cole is a name a lot of people will recognise from her appearance on BBC One’s The Apprentice. Despite not winning the £250,000 prize, Miller-Cole has gone on to become one of the most successful black female entrepreneurs.

In 2012 Miller-Cole founded the Be Group at 23 years old. The business specialises in branding, image consultancy, and employability skills training. By 2015, a year after Miller-Cole appeared on The Apprentice, the Be Group had clients including HSBC, American Express, and the University of Cambridge.

“Vision is the guide that directs all successful leaders. You should be able to come out with a vision and plan on a roadmap to success in any organization you want to lead.” – Bianca Miller-Cole

MILAN — Giorgio Armani believes the time has come to map out his values and the designer will unveil a new site with this name on Earth Day. At the same time, Armani revealed that he has appointed his nephew, Andrea Camerana, as sustainability managing director.


Copper, a digital banking service aimed at teens, has raised $29 million in Series A funding in a “preemptive” round led by Fiat Ventures.

AN alcohol awareness programme dedicated to supporting young people in resisting the peer pressure of underage drinking is taking place in schools.