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The author conducted several research and pilots to carry out this review, and what is clear is that over many decades, little has changed about African-Caribbean families living in deprivation. Although this has been acknowledged by consecutive governments, none have taken firm actions to address the root causes. Most recently in October 2020, in a media article the now Prime Minister Boris Johnson appeared to believe people from ethnic minorities should “stop wallowing in victimhood, when questioned regarding race equality, it seems there was not a reason to ‘change the race narrative’, but the notion of ‘victimhood’ must change. (Rob Merrick 2020). This statement spoke volumes about how the government views African-Caribbean communities, who are victims of systematic failings, and a bigoted society, that fails to see that we must work towards improving the lives of a small, disenfranchised group (which includes young people), towards the elimination of the causes that have created this social underclass. The present and any successive government must take responsibility for the effects of their poor social policy, poor citizenship encouragement, the exclusion of various nationalities, the large number of’ delinquents’ in society, the large number of excluded children missing in education, the birth and rise modern-day slavery, a culture of dependency, unacceptable homelessness, and not attribute these occurrences to victimhood and expect that by changing the narrative, you change the culture. One cannot deny that government policies have created poor social conditions that have had catastrophic effects on the lives of young people like Raphael and his family, and the communities in which they lived. There is no dispute that poverty is linked with negative conditions such as substandard housing, homelessness, inadequate nutrition and food insecurity, inadequate childcare, lack of access to health care, unsafe neighbourhoods, and under-resourced schools which adversely impact our nation’s children.

Moreover, at the time this research document went to publish we further saw the impact of poverty, social exclusion, isolation, poor social policies, a distant government, and overworked social workers coming to light even more when the death of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes who was killed by his parents in 2020 and Star Hobson who died in September 2020 hit the headlines. What their deaths highlighted is that the fragmented system which has for decades plagued the African-Caribbean Community, is coming to bear on those who once may have been excluded from this virus called poverty and social class. This research has laid to bear the unequivocal fact that Poverty goes hand in hand with social class, a position that those in the elite group strive to maintain, and the Hypothesis that Every Child Matters remains a Conundrum.

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Decades of exclusions by the Elite class have created a fractured system that benefits them. Is it time to change the status quo? 

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